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Tom Shepherd bust. A member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.
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Tom Shepherd

Executive Career

Saskatchewan Roughriders volunteer of the year

Canadian Football League (CFL) Commissioner's Award

Saskatchewan Roughriders life membership

Awards and Honours

Grey Cup Participation as an Executive
1989 (1)

Grey Cup Winning Team(s) as an Executive
1989 (1)

Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Tom Shepherd fell in love with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 1951, at the time Glenn Dobbs ignited all of Saskatchewan behind the Roughriders, and has been a rabid fan ever since.

After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan in 1966, he began his involvement with the Roughriders.

Shepherd has been a member of the annual dinner committee (plaza of honour dinner) for 43 years, and from 1976 - 1977 was chair of the executive game plan (fundraising). While serving as a club director from 1980 - 2005, Shepherd was a member of the management/executive committee for 22 years and treasurer for 20 years. During shepherd's tenure as club president and CFL governor from 1987 until 1989.

Since his term of president, as founder and president of friends of Roughriders touchdown lottery, Shepherd has raised over $10 million to keep the team in the province.

Tom Shepherd is also a member of the Saskatchewan's Plaza of Honour and the Regina Sports Hall of Fame.

Inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum in 2008 as a builder.

Class of 2008

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Football Reporters of Canada

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Shepherd, Tom
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