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Tony Pajaczkowski bust. A member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.
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Tony Pajaczkowski

Playing Career

Calgary Stampeders
1955 - 1965

Montreal Alouettes
1966, 1967

Awards and Honours

All-Western Guard
1960, 1962 - 1965 (5)

All-Western Defensive End
1961 (1)

Schenley Award for Most Outstanding Canadian
1961 (1)

All-Canadian Guard
1962 - 1965 (4)

All-Eastern Guard
1966 (1)

Grey Cup Participation
1966, 1967, 1969, 1972 (4)

Grey Cup Winning Team(s)
1966 (1)

Career Highlights

  • Played 198 games in the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Tony Pajaczkowski was widely recognized for his desire, strength and brute ability. Pajaczkowski was always in top physical condition and was a great motivator.

In Pajaczkowski's second year, he was moved over to guard by coach Jack Hennemier. Pajaczkowski was initially reluctant to make the change, but through hard work he became one of the all-time greats at that position.

What does it mean to you to be a member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum?
"In my case, 13 years of professional football have come and gone many years ago. To know my name and bust will be displayed over many lifetimes with the best to ever play the game is above comprehension and awe inspiring."--Tony Pajaczkowski

Inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum in 1988 as a player.

Class of 1988

Royal CopelandEd McQuartersTony PajaczkowskiRalph Sazio

Football Reporters of Canada

Ernie AfaganisGeorge KentTom MelvilleBill Stephenson

Pajaczkowski, Tony
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