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Headshot of Trent Frayne. To the right of the headshot, you can read his FRC biography.
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Trent Frayne

Trent Frayne had an illustrious career of almost 50 years began with Canadian Press in Winnipeg in 1939. Sojourns with the Winnipeg Tribune, Globe & Mail, Toronto Telegram, MacLean's Magazine, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, as well as freelance assignments, earned him high respect from is peers.

Frayne has also authored 10 books - 6 on hockey, 2 on tennis, and 2 on throughbred racing and is founding director of the Toronto Press Club.

Inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame-Media Wing in 1987

Class of 1987

Harold BallardRichard HuffmanRobert KramerAngelo MoscaTom Wilkinson

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Eric BishopTrent FrayneJim HuntGillis Purcell

Frayne, Trent
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