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The Norm Fieldgate Trophy is a Canadian Football League trophy awarded to the outstanding defensive player in the West Division. Each team in the West division nominates a player, from which the winner is chosen. Either the winner of this trophy or the winner of the James P. McCaffrey Trophy will also be the winner of the Canadian Football League Most Outstanding Defensive Player award. The trophy is named after former BC Lions linebacker Norm Fieldgate.

The Norm Fieldgate Trophy, like the N. J. Taylor Trophy, was originally given to the Western Division Champions. In 1978, the Fieldgate Trophy supplanted the Schenley Most Outstanding Defensive Player Award, which was previously awarded to the outstanding defensive player. In addition, the players that was listed from 1974 through 1977 were the West Division nominees for the Schenley Most Outstanding Defensive Player Award. As part of the failed American expansion, the Fieldgate trophy was awarded in 1995 to the North Division's outstanding defensive player.

Prior to 1974 the CFL's Most Outstanding Lineman Award was awarded to both outstanding defensive players and outstanding linemen in the West Division.

This trophy was used in between 1974 and 2000. The names on this trophy are the following:

2000 — Terry Ray (LB), Edmonton Eskimos
1999 — Daved Benefield (DE), BC Lions
1998 — Alondra Johnson (LB), Calgary Stampeders
1997 — Willie Pless (LB), Edmonton Eskimos
1996 — Willie Pless (LB), Edmonton Eskimos
1995 — Willie Pless (LB), Edmonton Eskimos
1994 — Willie Pless (LB), Edmonton Eskimos
1993 — Jerald Baylis (DT), Saskatchewan Roughriders
1992 — Willie Pless (LB), Edmonton Eskimos
1991 — Will Johnson (DE), Calgary Stampeders
1990 — Stewart Hill (DE), Edmonton Eskimos
1989 — Danny Bass (LB), Edmonton Eskimos
1988 — Danny Bass (LB), Edmonton Eskimos
1987 — Greg Stumon (DE), BC Lions
1986 — James "Quick" Parker (DE), BC Lions
1985 — Tyrone Jones (LB), Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1984 — James "Quick" Parker (DE), BC Lions
1983 — Danny Bass (LB), Calgary Stampeders
1982 — James "Quick" Parker (LB), Edmonton Eskimos
1981 — Danny Kepley (LB), Edmonton Eskimos
1980 — Danny Kepley (LB), Edmonton Eskimos
1979 — John Helton (DT), Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1978 — Dave "Dr. Death" Fennell, (DT), Edmonton Eskimos
1977 — Danny Kepley (LB), Edmonton Eskimos
1976 — Bill Baker (DE), BC Lions
1975 — Bill Baker (DE), BC Lions
1974 — John Helton (DT), Calgary Stampeders
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Jones, Harvey (Tyrone)
Kepley, Dan
Helton, John
Fennell, Dave
Baker, Bill
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