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Stephen Brunt

Stephen Brunt is the very best trombone-playing, fly-fishing, Hamilton Tiger-Cats loving national sports columnist to have covered the Canadian Football League.

Known for his literary style, as well as his penchant for fine dining and expensive wines, the Hamilton-born Brunt has written about the Canadian Football League (CFL) for The Globe and Mail for almost 20 years and never once lost his enthusiasm for the three-down game.

Brunt joined The Globe and Mail as an intern in 1982, became a news reporter and sports features writer before stepping up to the top columnist's spot once held by such luminaries as Scott Young, Dick Beddoes, Trent Frayne and Allen Abel.

Inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame-Media Wing in 2007

Class of 2007

Greg BattleDarren FlutieDave KnightRocco RomanoPierre Vercheval

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Stephen Brunt

Brunt, Stephen
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