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Headshot of Tom (Scotty) Melville. To the right of the headshot you can read his FRC biography.
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Tom (Scotty) Melville
Tom (Scotty) Melville spent 38 years with the Regina Leader-Post, 15 of those years as sports editor. He covered the Roughriders in Saskatchewan where he played a large role in laying the ground work for Taylor Field.

He was an unpaid consultant for the Roughriders Boards for years and when he retired, the Riders gave Scotty a lifetime pass for his outstanding contribution to football and sports in general.

Inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame-Media Wing in 1988

Class of 1988

Royal CopelandEd McQuartersTony PajaczkowskiRalph Sazio

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Ernie AfaganisGeorge KentTom MelvilleBill Stephenson

Melville, Tom (Scotty)
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